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€30 million
Medical consumables and equipment


2023: Provided equity funding for cash-out and expansion


$25 million
Innovative water security solutions
East Africa


2023: Supported the leveraged buyout
of the Group


$10 million
Commercial Properties


2022: Funding Compass Capital to acquire six office buildings

R430 million
Residential real estate developer
South Africa


2021: Multi-phase funding for 412ha development in North Coast, KZN

$18.4 million
Hotel group


2020: Funding for renovations
and working capital

$28 million
Healthcare group


2020: Equity funding to expand the
group’s network of private clinics

R82 million
Residential real estate developer
South Africa


2020: Expansion funding to complete an
affordable housing development

Date exited: June 2022

€8 million
Integrated technology provider


2019: Funding for the founder to acquire a controlling equity stake in a subsidiary

€19 million
Oil & gas distributor
Côte d’Ivoire


2018: First-ever leveraged management
buy-out in Francophone West Africa
Date exited: December 2022

$10 million
Smart city development


2018: Provided expansion funding for a
smart city property development
Date exited: April 2023

$8 million
Neighbourhood shopping mall in Nairobi


2018: Debt refinancing

$12.5 million
Neighbourhood shopping mall in Lagos


2017: Refinance debt and provide
working capital

R250 million
BEE investment holding company
South Africa


2016: Provided expansion funding for additional investments
Date exited: September 2018

R250 million
Fibre-to-the-home operator
South Africa


2016: Provided expansion funding for the rollout of fibre across SA metros

Date exited: April 2020

N$80 million
Hospitality & commercial property group


2016: Provided expansion funding for the construction of a new hotel

$20 million
Property development company


2016: Capex and working capital to fund a new property development; refinancing of
existing debt

R353 million
Facilities management
South Africa


2015: Acquisition of shares in
Servest by management

$10 million
Diversified property group


2014: Refinancing of existing debt; capex and working capital funding

$15 million
Diversified property group


2014: Acquisition of a diversified portfolio of properties in Accra

$15 million
4G LTE telecoms network


2014: Provided expansion funding for the network rollout across Accra

R77 million
Cement producer
South Africa


2014: BEE acquisition of a
30% shareholding in AfriSam

R107 million
Bed & mattress manufacturer
South Africa


2014: Mezzanine and equity funding for a management buy-out
Date exited: March 2023

R105 million
Pharmaceutical distributor
South Africa


2014: Provided expansion funding for extension of product range

Date exited: August 2019

R205 million
37-storey commercial tower in Pretoria
South Africa


2014: Acquisition of the commercial tower
by a BEE consortium

R49 million
Mining support services
South Africa


2013: Acquisition of Timrite by
Thebe and management

Date exited: April 2019

R150 million
Mixed used property development
South Africa


2013: Pre-development finance for a
mixed-use property development in Sandton

$15 million
Independent power producer


2013: Provided expansion funding for the construction of a new power plant

Date exited: November 2019

R133 million
FMCG distributor


2012: Acquisition of a 40% stake in CA Sales by Export Trading Group

Date exited: March 2014

R87 million
Producer of garden plant protection & nutrition products
South Africa


2011: Acquisition of Efekto by Ascendis Health

Date exited: July 2013

R85 million
Returnable packaging company
South Africa


2010: Refinancing of existing debt, expansion funding and BEE share acquisition

Date exited: December 2015

R199 million
Metals recycling
South Africa


2008: BEE share acquisition in underlying operating company

Date exited: June 2022

R347 million
Media & advertising company
South Africa


2008: Funding for buyout of Primedia by a consortium led by management, Mineworkers Investment Co & Brait

Date exited: December 2013

R119 million
Facilities management
South Africa


2007: Acquisition of a 100% stake in Tsebo by a consortium led by ABSA Capital from
Ethos Private Equity

Date exited: December 2013

R124 million
South Africa


2007: Acquisition by York of a 100% stake
in a complementary business,
Global Forest Products

Date exited: February 2012

R110 million
Chemicals manufacturer
South Africa


2007: BEE share acquisition in Safripol

Date exited: April 2015